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Name:Sam Guthrie
Location:New York, United States of America

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Sam Guthrie is owned by Marvel Comics. Ryan Kwanten owns himself. This journal is for roleplay purposes alone and no copyright infringement is intended. Muse and mun are over 18.


Sam Guthrie is a mutant, able to create a blast field about his body that allows him to fly, blast through enemies and solid objects alike, and temporarily be impervious to damage. He also is an External, and capable of coming back to life when killed. His codename is Cannonball. This journal was created to have fun with.

Sam Guthrie was a young son of a coal miner, until his father was killed by a collapse. Taking his father's place, he worked there until a new collapse triggered the need for his mutant power to manifest. Recruited by Emma Frost's hellions program, he started as a Hellfire Guard, and it wouldn't be until he encountered the New Mutants, mutants gathered by Charles Xavier, that his life would turn around. Joining the team, he has been a member off and on ever since.

Facing mutant threats, Sentinels, and trouble within his own mind, Sam has recently decided to step down and teach. But he still enjoys a little ruckus now and then.
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